Katy Watkins

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pixels2Pages Marketing Page

Forever acquired pixels2Pages, a popular site for users of our desktop software. They sell memberships to access their exclusive templates, training videos, creative challenges, and community of enthusiastic scrapbookers. Though they had an established and vibrant community and six years of content built up, their visual branding was a stark contrast to Forever's.

Goals #

This was the first step at integrating pixels2Pages into the Forever ecosystem. We needed a path for people on forever.com to purchase a membership without changing the underlying technology just yet. This would buy us time to determine how to move forward with a deeper integration and allow purchasing through Forever.

My Role #

I was the sole designer and front-end developer on this project. I worked closely with the founder of pixels2Pages to understand their business's evolution and current state, how it could fit into Forever, and what their members valued most from their memberships.

One of the biggest challenges was pulling in pixels2Pages' imagery. Showcasing artwork from their users is key to what they do, but presenting it in a way that would feel polished and professional was an interesting challenge. Ultimately, thinking of literal pixels is what got me to the final result.
Making it easy to see and understand the different memberships available for purchase was also important. I spent a lot of time workshopping copy and finding ways to clearly and succinctly describe their offerings. Each of the three product cards linked out to the existing pixels2Pages site where the actual purchase would take place. I was also excited to be able to incorporate the globe from their logo somewhat prominently. It helped the pixes2Pages team feel like we were serious about not diluting their brand while also feeling comparable to other pages on the Forever site.
I wanted to make sure there were still elements that felt creative within our existing web design principles and layouts. I also used CSS to mimic zig-zag cut paper to add scrapbook elements without requiring additional imagery.

Results #

We launched a successful page that everyone was happy with. pixels2Pages was able to feel like part of the team, their products were accessible from forever.com without taking up the development team's time, and we had a solid base for further iteration down the road. A few months later I helped transition the purchase process into our ecommerce platform, and pixels2Pages membership sales have continued to grow since then.